street art in lisbon, portugal

21 Examples of Amazing European Street Art

 destinations, eurotrip, photography   Oct 4, 2018   By

Street art tells a story Street art speaks to politics, passion and personality. It can be raw or incredibly detailed, and often captures the character of [...]


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Photo Essay – A Walk Around Venice, Italy

 Venice, Italy, photography   Mar 21, 2019   By

Venice is the most popular girl in school. The vote for prom queen is a waste of time because everyone knows the winner. She is [...]


orgosolo - street art in sardinia

Orgosolo – Secret Street Art Town In Sardinia

 art, Italy, photography   Mar 1, 2019   By

Orgosolo highlighted my Northern Sardinia road trip. Most tourists visit the south, so I decided on the path less traveled. The good news first, Orgosolo [...]


photo essay - black and white paris

Photo Essay – Paris In Black And White

 Paris, France, photography   Jan 11, 2019   By

Paris is beautiful even without color. I recently found this black and white video montage of Paris around 1900. The clothing has changed but the [...]


Why Rome Is Prettier In Black And White

 Italy, photography   Jun 30, 2017   By

“Black and white is salt and pepper of colors, for life tastes bland without them.” Some places in the world are better in black and [...]


Solvang – Swans and Ugly Ducklings

 destinations, photography, United States   Aug 11, 2016   By

“One evening, just as the sun was setting amid radiant clouds, there came a large flock of beautiful birds out of the bushes. The duckling [...]


The Euro Food Scene in Santa Barbara

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“To me, a critic is some loser who has no idea… someone with an opinion. We all have opinions. No offense, but what makes them [...]


A Parade of Thoughts on Portugal

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I recently attended the annual Festa celebration in San Diego, run by the United Portuguese Sociedade do Espirito Santo. I don’t like parades, so I’m not [...]