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Yesteryear Europe, December – Remembering Lennon

 Liverpool, history,United Kingdom   Dec 2, 2016   By

Mark David Chapman…what a dick. He got into some cool music early on in life, before discovering extremist religion which led him to turn on [...]


Yesteryear Europe, June – Churchill and the Finest Hour

 London, United Kingdom   Jun 30, 2016   By

Those who know me realize I wasn’t super excited about my London trip last year. I enjoyed it, but it was what I thought it [...]


Yesteryear Europe, March – Dickens

 London, history,wanderlust   Mar 24, 2016   By

Few would argue that Charles Dickens is one of the best writers of the 19th century. Mostly known for ‘A Christmas Carol’, that novella spawned [...]


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My 10 Favorite Cities in Europe (for now)

 best of europe,Denmark,destinations,Italy,Poland,top cities,Travel Advice,United Kingdom   Feb 25, 2017   By

What blog doesn’t have a “best of” list? I’ve split this up into more ‘known’ cities first, then my favorite ‘hidden gems‘. Just a reminder [...]