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Brokedown Mountain!

Albania Burrel, Albania   Feb 9, 2014    By

The drive from Ohrid to the Tirana airport should’ve been only 3 hours, that was before the GPS led us and our ill-suited rental car onto a mountain road. I think I know what happened. The GPS was programmed for the quickest route, and the mountain road had no ‘official’ speed limit posted…thus the GPS […]


Tirana – a city with potential

Albania Tirana, Albania   Jan 29, 2014    By

I remember a friend telling me in college that ‘potential’ was a scary word…that it put unnecessary pressure on someone to be better than what they were. I use ‘potential’ for the city of Tirana because it’s true…however, I see no one there feeling pressured to actually realize that potential. This was a different trip […]