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Shutter Love Sunday – Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Amsterdam, Netherlands,photography   Aug 7, 2016    By

This colorful piece of artwork is ‘The Courtesan’, by Vincent Van Gogh. The real one lives at the Van Gogh museum, but pictured here is a replica housed at the museum of prostitution, fittingly located within the red light district. This work was clearly influenced by Japanese art, and the title is the term used […]


A tulip is a tulip…

Netherlands Leiden, Netherlands   Jun 4, 2015    By

is a tulip…or a rose…what was that quote again? The second largest garden in the world, and largest tulip garden, is Keukenhof in Holland. Although only open for eight weeks every year, seven million flower bulbs are planted, and over 800,000 people visit annually. If you ask a typical Dutch person, most of these visitors […]


Amsterdam…a tap on the window

Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands   Jun 2, 2015    By

I had been subtly avoiding Amsterdam…thinking I was probably too old to enjoy it. I knew I had to see it, so I added a day-trip onto my Holland excursion and took the fast train from Brussels. Walking down the main road it was around nine a.m. yet the street was packed full of tourists, […]


Delft – Land of Blue and White!

Netherlands Delft, Netherlands   May 12, 2015    By

A few years ago my house in San Diego had a blue and white theme in the kitchen. I thought this was great, as it brightened up the room and was a positive atmosphere to start the morning. I remember the blue and white pottery placed throughout, and always knew it came from Europe but […]


Maastricht – a perfect weekend getaway

Netherlands Maastricht, Netherlands   Aug 4, 2013    By

I must admit that I can handle living in a boring, mundane town, and I can handle the sweltering heat, but put them both together and I need some time away. I became even more excited for my weekend in Maastricht, Netherlands after a week of 90+ degree weather, and it was even warmer in […]


Netherlands for snow and work

Netherlands Brunssum, Netherlands   Mar 10, 2013    By

So I’m here in the Netherlands for work, very far from Amsterdam in the Limburg region. It’s nice, but kind of ordinary so there’s not many pictures, especially since I was only at the hotel and the military base, and no pictures were allowed on-base. I drove up from Belgium with a German med school […]