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Shutter Love Sunday – Bratislava, Slovakia

 Bratislava, Slovakia,wanderlust   Apr 17, 2016    By

I wasn’t in Bratislava for long, and there wasn’t much to see…but they do have a ‘statue culture’ theme going on. Whether it be real statues, or street performers dressed up and standing still, for some reason this seems to be a thing in Bratislava. This unique guy shown below is named ‘Cumil’, and is […]


Bratislava – a day is enough

Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia   Jul 7, 2013    By

So my next to last day in Vienna I bought boat tickets for a trip across the Danube, to Bratislava, Slovakia. Did I do this to add another country to my travel blog? Maybe. But still, Bratislava was very nice, someone described it as a ‘small Vienna’, and I can see what they mean. The […]