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Shutter Love Sunday – Krakow, Poland

 Krakow, Poland   Oct 2, 2016    By

Who wouldn’t shed a tear hearing the story of Dzok the dog? His owner died of sudden cardiac arrest while walking him in the early 1990s. Not understanding the situation, Dzok remained in and around this main square of Krakow for over a year, waiting for his owner to return. He became somewhat of a […]


I fell in love…with Krakow.

Poland Krakow, Poland   Jun 6, 2016    By

Wow, what a city Krakow is. It’s such a stark difference from Warsaw…which I found to be a bit bland. Krakow is full of life, and why not? Poland suffered through the Nazi occupation, and then 40 years of communist rule. Stalin never liked Poland, so he treated it the worst. There seemed to be […]


Yesteryear Europe, April – Pope John Paul II

 Krakow, Poland,wanderlust   Apr 26, 2016    By

Was Pope John Paul II the first ‘cool’ pope? The current pope is getting accolades for his progressive views on social issues, and John Paul II can’t compete with that (e.g. views on contraception, same sex relationships, abortion, etc.), but growing up in the 1980’s I recall him getting more media attention than I expected out […]