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Cannes! But not for the film fest…

France Cannes, Paris, France   Oct 9, 2013    By

Cannes, home to the annual film fest, where I hope to be a participant one day. There was money here, not unexpectedly, with a nice harbor, casino, and streets lined with shops. I found the prices here to be higher than both Nice and Monte Carlo, and I heard they go up during the various […]



1st trip to Paris

France Paris, France   Jun 18, 2013    By

I spent the weekend in Paris, not to see the sights so much, but to see an old friend, Reggie McNeil. Reggie’s an amazing person, 40 years in the Navy from everything ranging from junior enlisted to senior Captain when he retired. He was my boss in Bahrain back in 2007-2008, and to say he’s […]



The jewel of Northern France

France Lille, Paris, France   May 19, 2013    By

After spending a long, boring weekend in Mons I decided to mix it up and drive to France for the weekend. There’s a city, Lille, only a 45 minute drive from my house. I booked a cheap room and headed down on Friday afternoon. My car, nicknamed ‘Blue Thunder’ by a friend at work (a […]



Cassis – a lovely seaside village

France Cassis, Paris, France   Mar 15, 2013    By

Ah, Cassis, I’ve been waiting for this one. I grabbed the bus from a busy Marsielle downtown area, and it took only around 45 minutes to get there. The ride was something, reminded me of going up Big Sur. The views were amazing, though I admit with my fear of heights I got a bit […]



Marseille – location, location, location…

France Marseille, Paris, France   Mar 13, 2013    By

I was barely home from Netherlands before I started packing for the France trip. The trip was brutal, everything was late. The bus system here is awful, it was an hour late, then the train was 45 minutes late. Granted, there was a lot of snow the day before, but I didn’t expect the whole […]