10 Things I Love About My Beautiful Bride

9 Aug,2018 By Jagabond

My beautiful bride is more important than anything, so excuse me for taking a break from Europe. I’m in California now, and I’m getting married tomorrow.

why I love my beautiful bride

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes Ash the woman I fell madly in love with. I list ten things, but I could list a thousand more.

1. My bride is open about her flaws and accepting of mine – Am I perfect? Heck no, and neither is she. Some flaws we simply accept about each other. For others, we pledge to work on both independently and together. Will it always be smooth? No, but being open has already prevented and mitigated disputes.

2. My bride works her butt off regardless of the task – No job is beneath her. If she’s being counted on for something, it will get done right. Whether it be serving drinks or doing safety checks for a NASA space shuttle…you can count on Ash.

3. My bride is humble about how smart she is – I’ve been telling her this since I first got to know her. Maybe being hard on herself is motivating, but I’m always there to boast about her quick and razor sharp wit.

4. My bride prefers quality to quantity – You can say ‘I love you’ a thousand times, but she’d rather see it in actions once. In this world of texts and tweets, so many people rely on words as a crutch. My baby is old school and I love that.

5. My bride has an infectious strength – When she’s there, everyone around her is stronger. I’ve seen her lift people up when down, and inspire the disillusioned. I definitely feel the difference when we’re apart.

why I love my beautiful bride

6. My bride is accepting of everyone without being annoying about it – Some people make it known how tolerant they are, as if bragging through a megaphone to the masses. Ash acts without advertising, and leads by example.

7. My bride is not afraid of challenges – Go ahead…tell her she can’t do something. You’ll end up eating those words, I assure you. Tests of physical strength? Check. Feats of mental prowess? Check. She’ll always be there to fight, and even if she doesn’t win, she’ll make the winner work for it.

8. My bride is the perfect mix of good and bad – She exudes a devilish charm yet has angel wings tattooed on her back. She loves Disney movies AND Evil Dead. She’s a little of both, and that will make life interesting.

9. My bride always takes care of her health – If you don’t take care of yourself how can you care for the relationship? I won’t have this problem with Ash…if anything I’ll struggle to keep up. I might be older and wiser (debatable), but she’s younger and stronger.

10. My bride is beautiful inside and out – This is why I’m marrying her tomorrow, and for the first time seeing beyond the present. Her outer beauty was a magnet that drew me in, and her inner beauty was the glue that kept me there. Magnets and glue, what perfectly strange but true metaphors.

“We are travelers traveling together in this wonderful journey called life! Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are sad. But as long as we will travel together we will make our journey a beautiful one!”

why I love my beautiful bride





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