Shutter Love Sunday – Ostrava, Czech Republic

23 Nov,2017    By

This picture perfectly represents the hedonism that is Stodolni Street, a five-block stretch of bars in the mostly forgettable Czech city of Ostrava. The sleaze was strong here, particularly with the crowd of rowdy men who celebrated later that night outside of this ‘Hell’ club. It reminded me of how someone would act as a teen after seeing a women’s underwear catalog for the first time. I also saw a beer-fueled guy dancing wildly with a stool, emotionally dead women stripping in the window of ‘Club Heineken’, and a group of bewildered Chinese tourists who I think got off at the wrong bus stop.

Three other low-lights of the trip to this non-touristic city included:

1. Meeting an Austrian drunk who proudly spewed racist and xenophobic rhetoric

2. Encountering numerous communist-era buildings devoid of personality and full of ugliness

3. Digesting a shockingly terrible meal at one of the city’s highest ranked restaurants

When travel guides don’t list a city, you can sometimes uncover a hidden gem. Conversely it can indicate a place you just shouldn’t visit. Count Ostrava as the latter.

stodolni street in ostrava, czech republic

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