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I took a side trip in Malta, spending two nights on the sister island, Gozo. Widely known to be more laid-back and ‘sleepy’, it lived up to its reputation. It was a nice break, however, and I appreciated the contrast compared to the more lively Malta. Getting there wasn’t hard, but it seemed to take longer than it did. It was a 70 minute bus ride from St. Julian’s to the port, then the ferry took 30 minutes, and the bus to my hotel took another hour. The ferry was cool, obviously a popular trip as ferries run every hour to Gozo. The boat was decked out with a restaurant and a few shops, so the time went by quick.

ferry to gozoview from ferry to gozoview from ferry to gozo

I stayed in the most ‘happening’ area of Gozo, a resort town called Marsalforn. There was really only one street with bars and restaurants, about a mile long right by the water. The best thing was the hotel I stayed at having air conditioning. You had to pay for it, which I’d never seen before, just drop some coins into the slot and the AC would start up. After so many days of sweating myself to sleep, this was very nice, and my first night in Gozo I slept for 12 hours!

marsalforn in gozomarsalforn in gozo

For my only full day on Gozo, I first went to the capital, Victoria. This wasn’t that impressive, just had a small town vibe to it. The church there, St. George’s, was pretty incredible, however. The church is set in this big main square, and typical of Malta the inside has a grandiose gold theme to it.

church in gozochurch in gozochurch in gozo

I then took a bus to the coast to see the azure window, a beautiful, natural limestone arch right by the water. I was also able to get on a boat tour that was really nice, going through all the natural caves. The heat was killing me, I must’ve drank five bottles of water that day!

azure windowazure windowazure window

My last night I hung out in Marsalforn, caught some live music on the street. I also had a wonderful Italian dinner, I decided to splurge and eat at a nice place.

Gozo was really cool. Many people do this as a day trip from Malta, but it’s definitely worth a few nights.

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