King Peter and St. George

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    I took a day trip from Belgrade to another region in Central Serbia called Topola. This area is known for its vineyards, and also for what sits on top of the hill – St. George’s Church and the former home of King Peter. Upon arrival, I started with an outstanding Serbian lunch, with a great dessert, before walking up the hill.


    King Peter was the last king of Serbia, and was one of the most respected and well-liked leaders in Serbian history. His house was not what I’d expect from a king…obviously showing some modesty and humility. The inside of the house has been turned into a museum, with portraits of his family and a variety of artifacts that were donated to him throughout his reign. Most of these artifacts had a religious overtone, from gold-framed pictures to a really cool mother of pearl depiction of the last supper.

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    After his death, King Peter was buried at the adjacent St. George’s Church. This wasn’t a particularly old church, but the inside had some of the nicest wall/ceiling artwork I’ve seen outside of Italy. The church is no longer in operation, so it exists solely as a tourist attraction. The upstairs is very ornate, with a fantastic painting of Christ on the ceiling. The downstairs is the mausoleum area where many formal royals are buried.


    I only spent a half-day here, as I had to get back to my meeting in Belgrade…though I wish I could’ve hung around for some wine-tasting…maybe next time!

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