Cassis – a lovely seaside village

France Cassis, Paris, France   Mar 15, 2013    By

Ah, Cassis, I’ve been waiting for this one. I grabbed the bus from a busy Marsielle downtown area, and it took only around 45 minutes to get there. The ride was something, reminded me of going up Big Sur. The views were amazing, though I admit with my fear of heights I got a bit […]



Marseille – location, location, location…

France Marseille, Paris, France   Mar 13, 2013    By

I was barely home from Netherlands before I started packing for the France trip. The trip was brutal, everything was late. The bus system here is awful, it was an hour late, then the train was 45 minutes late. Granted, there was a lot of snow the day before, but I didn’t expect the whole […]



Netherlands for snow and work

Netherlands Brunssum, Netherlands   Mar 10, 2013    By

So I’m here in the Netherlands for work, very far from Amsterdam in the Limburg region. It’s nice, but kind of ordinary so there’s not many pictures, especially since I was only at the hotel and the military base, and no pictures were allowed on-base. I drove up from Belgium with a German med school […]



Camp Film City

Serbia Kosovo, Serbia   Mar 4, 2013    By

Finally, a chance to explore outside of Belgium! I never really knew that much about Kosovo, so I thought this trip would be interesting. My flight was leaving at 0700 from Brussels, so I decided to stay the night in a hotel near the airport. The hotel was very cheap, and I found out why […]



Antwerp – an okay city with a very bad zoo

Belgium Antwerp, Belgium   Feb 23, 2013    By

I was excited about going to Antwerp, I was expecting to like it more than Brussels, but not as much as Bruges. However, I ended up liking it less than Brussels. It’s not a bad city, it just lacks that uniqueness factor that Brussels and Bruges have. Antwerp had the older city look, nothing special, […]



In Bruges

Belgium Brugge, Belgium   Feb 14, 2013    By

I remember watching the movie ‘In Bruges’, with Colin Farrell. I admit I never finished it, I thought it was a lousy film, but the scenery was great. I knew I wanted to see Bruges and experience it for myself. The train ride was only 90 minutes, and I was so excited I started walking […]


grand place in brussels

Brussels – Capital of Europe

Belgium Brussels, Belgium   Jan 19, 2013    By

I figured since I made such good progress with the car and the house, that I’d escape and spend a weekend in Brussels. It was a quick ride, only 30 minutes on the train. I got to the hotel, threw my bags down, and went out to experience the Brussels nightlife. I ended up at […]


new european car

New car, new house – life is coming together!

Belgium Mons, Belgium   Jan 17, 2013    By

Attached are some pictures of my new car and house. The car is a 2007 Ford Fiesta, previously owned by an 80 year old woman who only drove it 18,000 miles. Not surprisingly, since it was an old lady’s car it doesn’t have a lot of power, but it does have a diesel engine which […]


Snowy Belgium

Goodbye California…hello Belgium

Belgium Mons, Belgium   Jan 14, 2013    By

From San Diego to Mons, Belgium… I have only been here a couple days, I’m still trying to beat the jetlag and get a good night’s sleep. The weather seemed to get worse right when I arrived, I’m dealing with a snowstorm already. The safe driver that I am, here’s a photo of the roads […]