caserta royal palace in italy

Caserta Royal Palace in Italy – A Photo Essay

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How is the Caserta Royal Palace not more known? Are you looking for a Disney experience? I found a palace in Italy, south of Rome, [...]


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Visiting The Norton Simon Museum In Pasadena, California

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I found myself alone and roving through Pasadena recently. It felt like reliving my years of solo travel, where I wandered anonymously through European cities [...]


small towns italy - calitri

What I Miss Most About Italy (Small Towns)

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I lived in California, then spent two years in Italy before returning home. As a travel lover this isn’t surprising, as many of us seek [...]


12 European Trip Ideas – One For Each Month

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Timing is everything. People often ask the question, when should you go somewhere? Travel books tell you the ideal time for every European city is [...]


gdansk, poland - cheap city in europe

7 Cheap Cities In Europe For Budget Travel

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Cheap, nice or both? People are looking for cheap holidays. I’ve been posting a lot on Quora, the social media forum that acts as a [...]


Travel Book Review – Travels With Charley (1962)

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This travel book has been my white whale. It’s not a difficult book to read, but I’m not much of a chronic reader. Therefore, the [...]


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Photo Essay – A Walk Around Venice, Italy

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Venice is the most popular girl in school. The vote for prom queen is a waste of time because everyone knows the winner. She is [...]


orgosolo - street art in sardinia

Orgosolo – Secret Street Art Town In Sardinia

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Orgosolo highlighted my Northern Sardinia road trip. Most tourists visit the south, so I decided on the path less traveled. The good news first, Orgosolo [...]