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should you get a flu shot before europe

Flu Shot Before Your Europe Trip – Yes Or No?

 Travel Advice, Travel Medicine   Sep 8, 2018   By

The flu shot season is fast approaching. Most young adults are used to their parents and grandparents lining up for this shot, but what about [...]


hasselt, belgium - underrated in europe

Underrated Destinations In Europe (11 Places To Discover)

 Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Travel Advice   Aug 23, 2018   By

Looking to add some underrated gems to your European bucket list? Europe has so many destinations that permanently live in people’s daydreams. When you wrap [...]


slovenia road trip - lake bled

Road Trip Europe – Solo Travel Through Slovenia

 Ljubljana, Maribor, road trip, Slovenia, Travel Advice   Aug 17, 2018   By

Slovenia…even typing the word brings back amazing memories. This is the capital of comfort for me. Drop me into Slovenia anytime with a rental car and [...]


church in matera, italy

Matera Travel Guide (What To Do, Where To Eat, Where To Stay)

 Matera, Italy, Travel Advice   Aug 3, 2018   By

Matera was not long ago considered the shame of Italy. People lived in caves with livestock and dressed in raggedy clothing. The main source for drinking [...]


kosovo - small country in europe

Which Is The Best SMALL Country In Europe To Visit?

 Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Travel Advice   Jul 27, 2018   By

The Small Country Phenomenon I remember years ago perusing a small country list of Europe. I was a country hoarder at the time, counting my [...]


cathedral view in cologne, germany

Cologne – Great Weekend Destination In Germany

 Cologne, Germany, Travel Advice   Jul 20, 2018   By

Cologne is an easily overlooked city. Visitors to Germany prefer either the clubbing and history of Berlin or the beers of Bavaria. This Western part [...]


ebola travel risk - facts and fiction

Ebola Travel Risk – Sorting Fact From Fiction

 Health and Wellness, Travel Advice, Travel Medicine   Jul 12, 2018   By

Ebola is the new scary word. Images of gushing blood and doctors in hooded plastic suits fill your mind. The word has infected North American pop culture [...]


madrid on spain road trip

Road Trip Europe – Madrid And Northern Spain

 road trip, Spain, Travel Advice   Jun 28, 2018   By

I admire Spain for its regional diversity. I loved both Barcelona and Sevilla, but the two cities were clearly very different. While researching for my [...]